Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Milestone Birthdays!

So I have been a little busy since the new year!  Two events that I provided decor for were milestone birthdays.  One was for a 70th and the other a 40th.  For the 70th birthday party I chose white and gold.  The color gold is the color of SUCCESS, ACHIEVEMENT and TRIUMPH. It is also associated with ABUNDANCE
SOPHISTICATION and ELEGANCE.  I love using gold as an accent color, and it definitely made the white pop for this special occasion!

The second event that I decorated for was a 40th birthday celebration.  The guest of honor loves the color purple, so I wanted to be creative for these decorations.  I did not have a lot of space to work with, but still wanted to make a strong statement with the color palette of black, silver and purple. I used black as base with the table cloths, purple as the main color with the runners and table centerpieces, and silver as an accent. She loved it!

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