Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Baby Shower: It's a Boy!

One thing that I really enjoy is creating new ideas for events!  I had a conversation with my client about what she wanted for her upcoming baby shower.  There weren't any particular details discussed, just that she wanted it to be really nice.  The next day she sent me a picture of the napkins, and other items she purchased for the shower.  The color theme was baby blue and chocolate brown; that simple color combination inspired me to create this!  I sent her a picture, and she loved it!  I'll be adding some other details to really make the room come together.  (I will post the final pictures after this weekend.)  I am truly excited that my client will enjoy the baby shower she's always wanted!

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute baby shower. I am just in love with the color combination. A couple of days ago, me and a bunch of friends had hosted the chic spring themed bridal shower for one of our common friends. She loved the party décor and food a lot. She would be having a fabulous fairy reception party at one of the prettiest Seattle Wedding venues. Can’t wait for the day!