Sunday, December 6, 2015

Using Paper Poms for Holiday Decor

Are you looking for a inexpensive idea for your table decor this holiday season?  Try Paper Poms!  I discovered how to make these not too long ago. (I know I'm a little behind! LOL!) All you need is tissue paper, scissors and fishing line, ribbon or string- and voila- you've got a centerpiece.  (I'll be posting a tutorial later). These poms are great because tissue paper comes in a variety of colors.  I made these for a baby shower earlier this fall, and placed them on top of tall glass centerpieces.  They made a great statement in the room!
I also used them for a boy/girl dual baby shower-pastel yellow and gray were the colors-very cute!  So try them in silver or gold, or tradition holiday colors.  Good Luck!

Are you familiar with paper poms?  Would you use them for decorating this holiday season?


  1. I've only seen you do these and I love the look. I bet it would be pretty to decorate with these during the Spring or Easter.

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