Sunday, December 13, 2015

Holiday Centerpiece Decor

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to decorate for a married couples holiday party at my church. I didn't have a budget, so I had to use what I was already in my inventory.  I used a mix of gold and silver Christmas tree bulbs, with my "go to" glass cylinder vases. They made a simple, beautiful statement.  I didn't get a chance to take any photos, so I recreated it in my studio.  I also used them the next day in my home for a Christmas party that we were hosting.

Even if you don't have a taller vase, you can use any size.  You can also use a smaller bulb.  The best time to buy Christmas bulbs are right after Christmas when they're at least 50% off.

What did you use this year for holiday table decor?


  1. I didn't really decorate my table because it's small, but this is gorgeous! You made it classy and affordable. ;)

  2. Thanks Stacie! Next time I'll feature how to do it on a smaller scale.